Art and Illusion

Special Offer for the Festive Season!

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of our biggest ever headline tour, and most successful album – according to the ‘Guinness Book of Hit Singles and Albums’, that is – we are delighted to announce that this season’s special offer is the Definitive Edition release of ‘Art & Illusion’. Read more…

Posted Dec 15th 2014


‘A Night to Remember’…

Just a short update to let you all know how things are progressing with the DVD and CD release of the Barbican show from 2012, which has the working title “A Night to Remember”. Read more…

Posted Jun 18th 2014

Celebr8.3 square

Twelfth Night at Celebr8.3

Preparations are well underway our forthcoming performance at this year’s Celebr8.3 Prog festival, which is being held at The Islington Assembly Hall in Central London, over the weekend of Saturday May 31st and June 1st 2014. Read more…

Posted Apr 22nd 2014

TN Barbican - Work in Progress

Twelfth Night, Live at the Guildhall – video under way

Just a quick update to say that work is going well on our next DVD release (with a HD version likely to be available as well). Read more…

Posted Feb 21st 2014

CD - Souvenir - Cover

Let’s kickstart Andy’s new album…

Having spent an entertaining evening last week in the company of Andy Sears (and other members of the ‘Alchemy’ cast) Read more…

Posted Feb 10th 2014


Special Offer to celebrate Twelfth Night!

To celebrate ‘Twelfth Night’ – this month’s special offer is the Definitive Edition release of our first vinyl LP, recorded 33 years ago this month at the Target Pub in Reading. Read more…

Posted Jan 9th 2014


Smiling At Grief – Double CD – Special Offer!

This month’s special offer is the first Definitive Edition CD we released back in 2009 – less than a year after our first reunion shows culminated in a memorable trip to Spain. Read more…

Posted Dec 10th 2013

Live and Let Live cover

Live And Let Live CD – Special Offer!

Following our special offers on the Reading Rock & MMX DVDs, we have decided to continue with another promotion this month! Read more…

Posted Nov 2nd 2013

MMX DVD Packshot

MMX DVD – Special Offer!

Our special offer on the Reading Rock DVD was so successful that we have decided to do another promotion this month! This time it is the MMX DVD – to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of its release in 2010. Read more…

Posted Oct 1st 2013

Reading Rock '83

Reading Rock DVD – Special Offer!

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of our playing at the Reading Rock Festival – the DVD of our ‘legendary’ performance is available during the month of September at the special price of just £6. (The normal price is £12). Read more…

Posted Sep 2nd 2013

01.09.13 - Andy as Sir Henry Jagman

On The Road

Both Andy Sears and Mark Spencer have gigs coming up this week.

Andy Sears is appearing in Clive Nolan’s latest musical “Alchemy”, in Cheltenham, while Mark heads off with Galahad for a series of shows in mainland Europe. Read more…

Posted Sep 1st 2013

SKAN Product shot

Act One: Scene One

We are delighted to announce that our latest Archive Release “The Skan Demos / First Tape Album” will be released on Mon 12th August as a 70 minute single CDR. We are taking pre-orders now, so if you want to be among the first to hear this slice of ‘TN’ history… Read more…

Posted Jul 25th 2013

Fact and Fiction

Albums that saved PROG

We are thrilled to tell you that our Fact And Fiction album is going to be the next one featured in PROG Magazine’s series “The Albums That Saved Prog!” Read more…

Posted Jun 13th 2013

SKAN cover

New album release!

We are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of our latest album… which is actually our first one! And not only that… it also includes the very first recordings we ever made! Read more…

Posted May 22nd 2013


Mark Spencer at Celebr8.2

Excellent ‘acoustic’ sets from Mark Spencer and Galahad at Celebr8.2 yesterday.

Mark’s versions of Fact & Fiction, This City and Love Song were very well-received. Read more…

Posted May 12th 2013


Marcel Haster’s review of LALL

One of Marcel’s fantastic video reviews… This time, it’s our Live and let Live album. Read more…

Posted Apr 26th 2013


Roundup of 2012

As it was such a momentous year we thought a quick round-up/retrospective would be in order. Read more…

Posted Mar 2nd 2013


Andy in Alchemy – Mark at Marillion

Although there are no gigs planned for the band, various members of the ‘TN’ family are going to be ‘out and about’ this year. Read more…

Posted Mar 1st 2013


January News Update

Since we posted last time we have played 2 gigs – the first at Danfest2 in Leicester and then a special gig in December at the Barbican in London. The contrast between the 2 venues/shows could hardly have been greater – but suffice to say plenty of fun was had at both of them. Read more…

Posted Jan 10th 2013


BIG NEWS! Twelfth Night: London “thank you” show and webcast

Twelfth Night are playing a one-off invitation-only gig in London this weekend. The show is a “thank you” to friends and family to wrap up five years of the band’s successful reunion. Read more…

Posted Dec 13th 2012



The inaugural festival took place in Poole on Sat 20th October. It went well despite a few technical problems and the evening running very late, which meant that we had to cut short our set quite a bit. Read more…

Posted Nov 7th 2012


Live and Let Live

Excellent pre-orders and healthy sales at gigs have meant that this already looks like becoming our most successful Definitive Edition release. Read more…

Posted Nov 2nd 2012


Gig News

What a splendid weekend we all had at Summer’s End in Lydney. We received an excellent reaction from the 250-strong audience on the Saturday night – all of whom stayed until the end of our 1¾ hour set. Read more…

Posted Nov 1st 2012


Live and Let Live Definitive Edition

We are delighted to announce the release of our next Definitive Edition CD. Read more…

Posted Sep 2nd 2012

NEARFest Apocalypse

NEARFest Apocalypse

Thank you SO much to everyone who came to see us at NearFest. We had a truly wonderful time and we were all made to feel very welcome. There are some great pictures of all the bands taken by the official photographer Joe del Tufo, here. Read more…

Posted Jul 25th 2012

NEARFest rehearsals

NEARFest Rehearsals

Rehearsals have started for our first ever US gig at NEARfest in June, as evidenced by the official press photo above. Now where did Roy get those trousers? Read more…

Posted May 2nd 2012

Clive at The Peel

The Cryptic Clues live at The Peel

The founder members of legendary 80s prog band Twelfth Night performed together, for the first time in several years, under the pseudonym ‘Jan 14 and the Cryptic Clues’ at The Peel in Kingston-on-Thames in January. Read more…

Posted Feb 2nd 2012

Rev at The Peel


Well, what can we say? Now that the dust has settled, we can sit back and reflect on what a marvellous evening we all enjoyed in a packed Peel last Saturday. Read more…

Posted Jan 18th 2012


Live at The Target… out now!

6.1.12 was the official release date for the definitive edition of Live at the Target. We’ve got plenty of copies available for immediate dispatch if you want one. They are £11 plus postage (which is £1 for the UK, £2 elsewhere). More details are available from our merch pages. Read more…

Posted Jan 6th 2012


TN Newsletter

Just a short newsletter this time… to let you know the Live at the Target CDs arrived just before Christmas and all pre-orders have now been sent out. A BIG thank you to all those of you who asked for a copy: we hope you like it as we think it’s come out rather well… Read more…

Posted Jan 5th 2012


Live At The Target… on CD, and on stage!

We are delighted to announce that our latest Definitive Edition, Live At The Target, will be released on 6 January 2012 through F2 Records. Read more…

Posted Dec 8th 2011


New album on CD and DVD: MMX

We are delighted to announce that MMX, our first newly recorded album since 1986, will be released very soon, on both CD and DVD format, and that we are now ready to accept pre-orders for it! Read more…

Posted Oct 17th 2010


Play On!

Our reunion gigs in 2007 and 2008 have generated so much interest in Twelfth Night that hardly a day goes by when I don’t get an e-mail asking when we will be either playing some more gigs or releasing some new music or some past concert recordings. Read more…

Posted Nov 19th 2009