Mark Spencer

Born on the 29th of October 1966 in Hillingdon Hospital, Middlesex, Mark Robert Patrick Spencer is perhaps best known to neo-prog fans as the vocalist in LaHost. “At the age of sixteen, I was ‘working’ as a drum roadie for a Norfolk covers band, Axia. I had started hearing some interesting new bands at the time and my sister pointed out an ad in Sounds. Airbridge – who had supported Marillion in Norwich – were on the lookout for a new singer and drummer. I managed to persuade Axia’s drummer, Fudge, to drive me up to Norwich to meet the guys. I’d never sung in front of anyone before, but wanted it very badly. Sean Godfrey and Stephen Bennett (bass and keys, respectively) sent me off with a copy of the Airbridge single ‘Words and Pictures’ for me to learn. I duly poled up for an audition, sang (or possibly ‘shouted’) my heart out, and got the gig. Luckily, so did Fudge. Sean and Steve decided that the Airbridge name was finished, so we went out as LaHost.”

Mark has been in a variety of bands and musical ventures across the years, recording and performing with a wide array of people. As one of the co-founders with Clive Mitten of the Animal House recording studios in the late 80s, Mark was engineer and programmer on the final Twelfth Night sessions featuring Geoff Mann, which resulted in The Collector and Love Song for the Collector’s Item album. Mark’s work in the music business encompasses sound engineer, programmer, session musician and arranger. He sings, plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums and is currently attempting to learn to play the cello (which, Mark reports, is going very slowly).

Mark was also the flat-mate of Andy Sears for a time, so he was a natural choice to replace Rick Battersby when the prospect of a Twelfth Night reunion emerged.

Mark currently lives in Hertfordshire, runs a modest multimedia company and spends his leisure time gaming and attempting to master guitar-building.