A Night To Remember

BluRay, DVD and CD and BUNDLES!

The video from our legendary show, filmed live at the Barbican in December 2012, is available now.
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Suite Cryptique – is out now!

We are delighted to say that Clive’s brilliant new album “Suite Cryptique” is now available! It is a double CD, running to two hours, accompanied by a booklet containing comprehensive sleevenotes written by Clive explaining the concept of the album, and far more. Order your CD copy here and digital download here.

There are two video clips here: https://youtu.be/RiJQEHsk2R4 and https://youtu.be/04KOcowUs6w

Clive’s Suite Cryptique is absolutely wonderful and an incredible achievement. Clive has taken it to an entirely new level through his arrangements and extraordinary use of classical instrumentation. What I love most, however, is how Clive has captured so much of the spirit, the emotion of our music and then given it new life. Some of our melodies have finally found their voice, to achieve their full emotive potential…reincarnated in such a wonderful new form.” Andy Revell

“Mitten’s ‘post-minimal’ style is inspired by everyone from Wagner to Reich, and these grandly cinematic pieces are rich with pizzicato strings, sweeping violins, blaring trumpets and burbling modern woodwinds. His clever programming ensures you’re only occasionally reminded you’re not listening to a real, 100-piece orchestra.” PROG magazine

“Clive’s excellent orchestrations come into their own… on Creepshow where the themes and structures of the song have been expanded to create a masterful interpretation of the song. The gorgeous violin and cello section is almost tear-inducing as is the achingly beautiful string section about three minutes later”. 9/10 Dutch Progressive Rock Pages

…a quite wonderful two-hour listen. ***** Get Ready To Rock