Play On Archive DVD

Line up: Everyone

Recorded: 2009


  1. Music - 25 full-length audio tracks many previously unreleased
  2. Videos - 15 previously unseen videos
  3. More Music - over 50 Demos, Musical Ideas, Riffs, Snippets – all unreleased!
  4. Exclusive Interviews
  5. Illustrated Lyrics
  6. Newsletters, Reviews, and Fanzines
  7. Photos and Slideshows
  8. Unique Downloads
  9. Memorabilia
  10. Song Tabs and much more!

The Play On Archive is the DVD issued with the official Twelfth Night biography Play On, which was published in 2009. It contains over 40 previously unreleased/unseen audio and video tracks, and hundreds of archive documents such as newsletters, reviews, fanzines, and photos. In addition to this are exclusive interviews, slideshows, illustrated lyrics, unique downloads, memorabilia, song tabs, and much, more!

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The Play On Archive was conceived by Mark Hughes (‘TN’ archivist and photographer), and created and complied by Andrew Wild (author of Play On). Special thanks are due to David Read for all the graphics, menus, authoring and technical advice.

Now available as a stand-alone DVD – it is presented in a simple shrink-wrapped cardboard slip case.

Play On DVD: audio content

  • Fur Helene (February 1978) the complete debut performance PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Scales / Depressing Chords (November 1978) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Three Dancers (September 1979) first recordings with Geoff Mann PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • After Office Hours (June 1980)
  • Afghan Red (November 1980) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Keep The Aspidistra Flying (March 1981)
  • Sequences (Spring 1981) Geoff’s audition tape PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • After The Eclipse (August 1981) opening number from Reading Festival PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Makes No Sense (December 1981)
  • Art and Illusion (July 1983)
  • The Collector (Summer 1983) complete home demo PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Love Song (March 1984) live at the Marquee with Andy Sears
  • CRAB (October 1984) live in Liverpool
  • Counterpoint (October 1984) live in Liverpool PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Instrumental Medley (January 1985) from rehearsal tapes PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Last Song (January 1985) fab demo PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • White Glass (May 1985) live in Bristol
  • Rev’s Demo (1985) home demo PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Sequencer #1 (1985) home demo PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Rick’s Idea 1 (1985) home demo PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Blondon Fair (June 1986) 7″ edit. only previously available on vinyl
  • Zootime (October 1987) with Martyn Watson PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • The Ceiling Speaks (November 2007) live in Deptford PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Kings and Queens (2007) Mark Spencer solo PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • First New Day (May 2008) live in Rotherham PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
  • Creepshow (May 2008) live in Rotherham PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

Play On DVD: video content

  • Abacus (Reading, 1980)
  • Blues Mellotron (Reading, 1980)
  • East to West (Reading, 1981)
  • East of Eden (David Essex’ Showcase, 1982)
  • Fact and Fiction (Reading, 1983)
  • The Collector [excerpt] (London, 1983)
  • The Ceiling Speaks (London, 1983)
  • Human Being (London, 1984)
  • Jacobs Sessions (1986)
  • Blue Powder Monkey (Whistle Test, 1986)
  • Love Song (Geoff Mann solo, 1991)
  • This City (Andy Sears solo, 2004)
  • Love Song (Andy Sears solo, 2007)
  • Blondon Fair (Rotherham, 2008)
  • We Are Sane (Kingston, 2008)

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Some comments:

“Loving the book but I wanted to put in a word about the accompanying DVD … what an absolute masterpiece! I’m gobsmacked at the quality of this piece of software, not to mention the breadth and depth of the material it contains. I started looking at it last night and about 3 hours later I saw the time and decided I must get to bed. It’s going to take a long time to do the contents justice. I really am looking forward to it”.  – Andy Peake

A very interesting book and an AMAZING DVD … lots of gems. – Stefan Wroblewski

The DVD of archive material is quite breath-taking and the audio and video content is superb. I thought Mark Spencer’s contemporary re-working of Kings and Queens was quite brilliant (great vocal too Mark!). – Harry Kraft

‘Looking for the ultimate Twelfth Night archive? Play On is a fascinating insight into a time when it seemed that the world was the proverbial oyster for a range of unique, challenging and entertaining bands, as well as the various pitfalls and pratfalls that could betide and waylay any group. – Jerry Ewing in Classic Rock Presents Prog, March 2010

The DVD is a triumph, and The Ceiling Speaks from Geoff’s last Marquee dates almost simultaneously brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye’. – Richard Harris

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