Corner Of The World – 2021 Remaster

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Line up: Andy Revell, Brian Devoil, Clive Mitten, Rick Battersby, Andy Sears

Recorded: 1985

The ‘Corner of the World’ Tour took in seven dates around the UK in May 1985. The idea was to get out and ‘road test’ some new songs that had been written since the previous year’s Art & Illusion tour. As several of the dates on this tour were recorded we have been able to re-create the whole set. Disc One features the main set, while Disc Two has the three encores, plus a couple of bonus tracks – an unplanned encore version of Requiem from Bristol, and Love Song from Portsmouth – a version that turned out to be the last song of the last tour…

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Preview Track Title Price
Requiem (4:59) £0.69
Kings And Queens (6:24) £0.69
White Glass (3:47) £0.69
We Are Sane (8:45) £0.69
The Craft (5:00) £0.69
Shame (5:10) £0.69
Blue Powder Monkey (6:40) £0.69
First New Day (4:57) £0.69
South Of The Wind (2:38) £0.69
CRAB (5:09) £0.69
Counterpoint (6:03) £0.69
Take A Look (12:46) £1.09
Art & Illusion (5:16) £0.69
The Ceiling Speaks (7:15) £0.69
Love Song (6:48) £0.69
Requiem (6:22) £0.69
Love Song (8:03) £0.69