Roy Keyworth

“My musical passion came into fruition when I was around 10 after hearing WALTER CARLOS.

This then led to RICK WAKEMAN then inevitably YES, then GENESIS.
Prog was then in my veins.
I wanted to learn keyboards but couldn’t afford ’em, so bought a guitar.
Many, many years later, after watching ANDY REVELL and TWELFTH NIGHT, I formed GALAHAD.
So bizarre (and an honour) to end up playing with TN after all these years.
GALAHAD are still going strong.
My other passions include:
Motorcycling (I have a KTM ADVENTURE which is the best build quality and fun machine I’ve had to date)!!
In addition, I enjoy model making, airbrushing, model railways, abstract art and recently got into rc helicopters.
I’ve also learnt to water-ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, kite-surf, windsurf and dinghy sail.
I don’t have a television.
The most important thing to me..?

Hugs, Royston.