Good Friday?

We certainly hope so as “Suite Cryptique”, Clive’s brilliant first solo album, was officially released on 2nd April. The reason for this date, which is a couple of weeks after those of you that pre-ordered should have got your copies, is that we are delighted to say, that we have agreed a worldwide distribution deal for the album with RK Entertainment :-) They are the same people that distribute IQ/GEP and Big Big Train releases, so we are in good company, They also have a presence in the classical field, and were recommended to us by a couple of musician friends (thanks Mike H and Tim B).

So what does this mean? Well firstly the CDs should be more easily available, and that the album will also be able to be downloaded and streamed from the usual sources. We would stress however that this new deal doesn’t preclude us from selling the CD or downloads from our own website and Bandcamp pages, which is obviously better for us, financially.

The reviews of the album have been very good so far. Some of your many have seen the one in PROG magazine (thanks Grant) and we can confirm that there will be a big feature on Clive in the next issue (scheduled for April 23). I can assure you that you will find it a fascinating article!!

“Mitten’s ‘post-minimal’ style is inspired by everyone from Wagner to Reich, and these grandly cinematic pieces are rich with pizzicato strings, sweeping violins, blaring trumpets and burbling modern woodwinds. His clever programming ensures you’re only occasionally reminded you’re not listening to a real, 100-piece orchestra.” PROG MAGAZINE

Talking of interviews… there was a special radio show on 2nd April on Progzilla Radio. Clive chatted with Andy Wild and played tracks from various composers who inspire him. If you missed it, you should be able to find it here

Here are some more reviews.

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PS. Although sales of Suite Cryptique have been very encouraging we can’t be sure whether there will be a second pressing of the album, so if you want to make sure you get a copy…

Posted Apr 9th 2021