Entropy – 40th Anniversary Remaster

We are delighted to announce the forthcoming 40th anniversary re-release of Entropy. This is the live recording made in March 1981 when touring the Live At The Target album.

We have tidied up the recording (a little editing) and remastered it with the help, excellent skills, and finely-tuned ears of Karl Groom at Thin Ice Studios. Not only that but we have commissioned the ever-helpful Spencer Rowbotham to update the artwork for us, which he has done splendidly.

It features a particularly excellent version of the title track – which is only available on this particular album. ‘Entropy’ is a full-length piece (> 13 minutes) – which was performed live under a number of different titles during our career – and is without doubt one of our finest instrumentals.

The full track listing is: Keep the Aspidistra Flying, East To West, Fur Helene part 1, Entropy, After the Eclipse, Afghan Red, and Sequences.

It is a single CD disc presented in a jewel case with full colour artwork throughout. We are having it professionally made (duplicated), so it is what CD-Baby calls a ‘pro CD-R’.
There will only be a limited number of copies, as it is a re-release, however they will be individually hand-numbered so as to guarantee their rarity/authenticity!

The actual release date will be Friday 3rd September, Even though there is over 70 minutes of music it is priced at only £6.

You can pre-order from our website here or from Bandcamp: https://twelfthnightuk.bandcamp.com/album/entropy-2021-remaster-2

However if you are ordering from the EU we would strongly suggest that you order all our merchandise through Bandcamp. The reason for this is the imposition of VAT since July 1st. Before then goods valued at less than £ 30 (22 Euros) were exempt from VAT. I tried to explain the problem this causes on a Facebook post on 29th June – but essentially it means that all physical sales to EU customers now have to have VAT added to the purchase price. This has been the case for digital sales (downloads) for a while, as those of you who have ordered from Bandcamp will know, but it now applies to ALL purchases.

Posted Aug 6th 2021