Act One: Scene One

We are delighted to announce that our latest Archive Release “The Skan Demos / First Tape Album” will be released on Mon 12th August as a 70 minute single CDR. We are taking pre-orders now, so if you want to be among the first to hear this slice of ‘TN’ history…

The first 5 tracks comprise the Skan Demos (recorded by Andy, Brian & Clive) in March 1979, and the last 2 tracks (now with Rick on keyboards) the very first proper studio recordings from December 1979. More details are here.

This CDR release has new, specially designed artwork (as The First Tape Album was originally issued without any!) for which we are grateful to our friend David Read. Photos are from Mark Hughes’ extensive TN archive, and there are brand new track-by-track ‘listening notes’ too. We think it’s come out rather well.

The SKAN Demos/First Tape Album CDR is now available to pre-order directly from us. It is priced at £ 7.00 + p&p. Postage rates are as follows: – £ 1 for the UK, £ 3 for the Rest of the World. The preferred method of payment is via PayPal to ku.oc.ilacsit@liovednairb

From 12th August the CDR will be available directly from our SHOP page – however if you can’t wait until then to hear it – it will be available as a download from the shop from Aug 1st!

Posted Jul 25th 2013