‘A Night to Remember’…

Just a short update to let you all know how things are progressing with the DVD and CD release of the Barbican show from 2012, which has the working title “A Night to Remember”.

Editing of the video is going really well, and we can promise a much better edit than the vision mix that went out as the live stream (and had over 2,000 views in the month after the show!) Mark Spencer is hard at work remixing the audio, which already sounds fantastic. As a result we are pleased to announce that it will be released on CD as well as DVD.

As usual, we will cram as many extras onto the DVD as we can, including the documentary film that preceded the actual performance, new interviews, photographs, and visuals as well as a HD version of the show.

The show at the Barbican really was a ‘night to remember’, and we are delighted that this new release fully captures the excitement of that special performance.

And finally, I am delighted to give you all a sneak peak of the artwork for the DVD. It is by no means finished, but I hope you all like the way it is shaping up.

Release date? I hear you cry? Watch this space…

A Night to Remember Draft AW

Posted Jun 18th 2014