Suite Cryptique – update

We are delighted to say that Clive’s brilliant new album “Suite Cryptique” is now being pressed ready for release on Friday 19th March, as planned. At the moment we can’t be sure whether there will be a second pressing, so if you want to make sure you get a copy of this ground-breaking album, you know what to do! Order your copy here.

To encourage you there are two video clips here

Reactions to the album have been universally positive and we think the unsolicited comments made by Andy Revell sum up what people are saying. Here are some extracts from his Facebook post.

I just wanted to say that I think Clive’s Suite Cryptique is absolutely wonderful and an incredible achievement. The album is highly true to its origins, its DNA if you like, but Clive has taken it to an entirely new level through his arrangements and extraordinary use of classical instrumentation. What I love most about it, however, is how Clive has captured so much of the spirit, the emotion of our music and then given it new life.

Listening to this has had me in tears at times. Tears not only because of the beauty of the interpretation but because some of our melodies seem to me only now to have finally found their voice, to achieve their full emotive potential. Music that is now, 35+ years later, reincarnated in such a wonderful new form.

The album is being released as a double CD, running to two hours, accompanied by a booklet containing comprehensive sleevenotes written by Clive explaining the concept of the album, and far more

Posted Mar 5th 2021