Tall Tales and other Christmas Presents…

The BIG news this month is that we are finally able to officially announce the forthcoming release of Clive’s second solo album Tales From A Misspent Youth – volume 1.

This latest project sees Clive covering, in a fully orchestral style, some of progressive rock’s greatest tracks; ones that inspired him as teenager, to create something entirely new. The double album includes the work of some of the best-known artists and some of their best-loved songs, beautifully interpreted, in what we hope will be a series of releases. This first volume inc. tracks by Pink Floyd, Genesis, Rush, Peter Gabriel, Jethro Tull, Mike Oldfield, and Supertramp!

The full track listing is as follows.

Disc One

  4. RUDY (2:40)
  5. SUPPER’S READY (23:19)

Disc Two

  1. ECHOES (13:17)
  2. SOLSBURY HILL (4:00)
  3. COUNTDOWN (1:56)
  6. SCHOOL (4:07)
  7. XANADU (8:19)
  8. LIVING IN THE PAST (3:31)
  9. IN THE CAGE MEDLEY (15:12)

It is being released as a double CD and, as you can see, it runs to just over two hours over the two discs. It will be accompanied by a booklet containing comprehensive sleeve notes written by Clive explaining the concept of the album, and giving detailed information about the tracks.

The scheduled release date is the 28th January 2022, but we recommend you order now to avoid disappointment! It is priced at £12 plus P&P.

UK customers (and those outside the EU) please pre-order from our website here.
EU customers should pre-order via Bandcamp here.

Here’s what Clive is saying about the album…

“14 months in the making, this album is my tribute to those who inspired me in my teens to become a musician. I could already play the piano and classical guitar, but aged 12 I encountered ‘prog for the first time. I saw Pink Floyd play ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ live, and witnessed Supertramp perform ‘Crime of the Century’ before most knew who they were – all while wearing a great coat and carrying a crate of Newcastle Brown with me. These experiences and others led me to electrify my playing to work out what my heroes were doing. Now, 50 years later, I am paying my dues to them in my current style, which you can loosely define as cinematically orchestral but with an in-depth understanding of prog. Why take this on? The originals are complex works which are fiendishly difficult in places and already well-loved. Lockdowns are part of it, but the main reason is that I feel I can shine a new light on the material – and in places it is an unexpected light. This album has been a labour of love, both for the people who drove me to write music in the first place and led me ultimately to being able to call myself a composer, and, as always, for the music.”

Posted Dec 3rd 2021