Smiling At Grief – Revisited – on CD

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Recorded: 1981, remixed 2021-2022

Disc 1

  1. East of Eden: Steven Wilson
  2. This City: Peter Jones
  3. The Honeymoon Is Over: Karl Groom
  4. Creepshow: Simon Godfrey
  5. Puppets (intro): Mark Spencer
  6. Puppets: Rob Reed, Lee Abraham & Stuart Nicholson
  7. Three Dancers: Steven Wilson
  8. Makes No Sense: New recording by Tim Bowness & Brian Hulse
  9. Für Helene Part II: Dean Baker
  10. Puppets: Steven Wilson
  11. The Honeymoon Is Over: Andy Tillison
  12. Creepshow: Paul Hodson
  13. Puppets: Rob Reed, Lee Abraham & Stuart Nicholson
  14. Three Dancers: Gareth Cole
  15. Makes No Sense: New recording by Mark Spencer, featuring Geoff Mann
  16. East Of Eden (extended): Steven Wilson

Running to over 70 minutes the CD version features the same NINE tracks as the LP version as well as SEVEN bonus tracks. The booklet will include all the lyrics as well as original artwork by Geoff Mann. And as with the LP only a limited number of copies of the CD are being pressed.

As Steven Wilson’s contributions gave the project such impetus we asked him for a quote. He responded with the following, which sums up Smiling At Grief perfectly.

“This is easily my favourite period of Twelfth Night, when the band were reaching for some kind of new wave / progressive hybrid – and successfully so, they really captured something of that moment in time, both the past and the future. Even if these were meant to be quick and dirty demo recordings it’s been great to be given the chance to elevate the sonics a little (hopefully!)”

The background to the Revisiting of Smiling At Grief…

A few months ago we came up with the idea of celebrating 40 years since the original release by releasing a ‘brand-new’ version of the cassette album, which we have done by asking friends and peers if they would remix the album using the original master tracks.

The response has been really amazing and rather humbling… as over the last few months, we have received contributions from Steven Wilson, Peter Jones, Simon Godfrey, Tim Bowness and Brian Hulse, Rob Reed, Lee Abraham & Stu Nicholson, Karl Groom, Andy Tillison, Dean Baker, Gareth Cole, Paul Hodson and our own Mark Spencer.

Some are straight remixes, some have been enhanced with new instrumentation, and some have been radically reworked. We feel that all of them more than do justice to the original versions, and we think you’ll like it!

There are three versions:

  • A vinyl version (our first on our own label since 1982) reproducing the original Smiling At Grief album track by track with new mixes. It has be new artwork, and is being issued on heavyweight WHITE vinyl
  • This listing is for the CD version, which also has new artwork and 7 extra tracks
  • Finally a download version which will add a further 5 alternative mixes, which will be available here shortly

So, what happened back in 1981…?

As keyboard player Rick Battersby started his ‘sabbactical’ year during the recording sessions he only features on some of the tracks. Although Clive took over keyboard duties the 4-piece line-up was relatively short-lived, though it did go on to write and record the Fact and Fiction album. The original purpose of Smiling At Grief had been to gather together some demos to try to stimulate record company interest and to satisfy the growing number of fans who had been eagerly awaiting new material, particularly now that Geoff had joined the band. Having the opportunity to record the instrumental live favourite Für Helene part II as well, meant that there was sufficient material to release an album, and so it was… but only on cassette tape, and not on vinyl… until now!

The tracks were first released on the Smiling at Grief cassette album, having been recorded at Woodcray Manor Farm Studios, Berkshire, in November 1981.