After a summer break we are back with news of the updated 2022 version of Fact And Fiction, which is released this September to celebrating the 40th Anniversary of our 1982 album, regarded by many as our finest work. This updated version of the comprehensive three CD ‘Definitive Edition’ is being released on our own label for the first time.

The 2022 version features new cover artwork but is otherwise unchanged from the original Definitive Edition release back in 2018. That saw the addition of a wealth of cover versions and re-workings of the material, plus new recordings commissioned from band members, contemporaries and current artists to show how other artists interpreted the tracks, bringing out the true strength of the original songs.

Here are just a few of the fantastic comments we received back in 2018.

“A band blessed with an abundance of ideas and spectacular musicianship, Fact And Fiction should have been the album that catapulted Twelfth Night to greatness… it is chock-full of exciting, stimulating and emotive material… there’s an aggression and sense of purpose that sets Twelfth Night apart from most of their predecessors.” PROG Magazine – the Albums That Saved Prog.

“It was this more edgy new wave quality that made me love it and made a big impact on me. The album’s epic opening track We Are Sane, for me, remains their masterpiece”- Steven Wilson

“The 3rd disc holds the real treasures… entirely lives up to its title… comprehensive and lovingly curated – PROG Magazine.

“Fact and Fiction” is a masterpiece, one of the three strongest studio albums of the 80’s for me… an undisputed classic, a must-buy for anyone who doesn’t yet own the album and shouldn’t be missing from any prog collection” – babyblaue-seiten.de

“Wonderful! A true classic album… a gem, the most valuable re-release I came across ever! Highly recommended” – progvisions.nl

To accompany the 3 CDs there are some extensive sleeve notes written specially, including an extract from Michael Anthony’s Words & Music book that reviews Geoff Mann’s lyric writing in incisive detail. In addition, there are never-before seen scans of some of Geoff’s original handwritten lyrics and sketches, as well as new photos, etc. For more details including the full track listing go here.

The album is available from this website which we recommend for UK, US and other non-EU customers) or from our Bandcamp site (which we strongly recommended for all EU customers). It is available during September 2022 at the 2018 price of £15 – after which, to cover rising costs and fees, it will increase to £16.50. We imagine it will be the final pressing of this album, so don’t delay!

Posted Sep 2nd 2022