Albums that saved PROG

Fact and Fiction

We are thrilled to tell you that our Fact And Fiction album is going to be the next one featured in PROG Magazine’s series “The Albums That Saved Prog!”

PROG editor Jerry Ewing came up with idea to feature the ‘post-punk’ era progressive rock bands (often referred to now as Neo-Prog!) and commissioned Michael Anthony to write the article about our seminal studio album that was recorded and released in 1982. Michael, as some of you may know, published his own book last year entitled ‘Words and Music’. This included quite a lot about TN & Geoff in particular and we reviewed it in Night Moves.

Michael conducted new interviews with both Clive and myself, and has woven these fresh insights with some archive material to put together a fascinating article detailing how the album came into being and its impact. It brought back many very happy (and frustrating) memories for all of us. Oh, and there’s also a brilliant endorsement from Mr Prog himself – Steven Wilson!

The series began a couple of issues ago with Marillion’s Script For A Jesters Tear album, which came out in March 1983, some 3 months after our Fact & Fiction album. The second album in the series was IQ’s Tales From The Lush Attic, also first issued in 1983.

Issue 37 of PROG will be published in mid-July. Don’t miss it!

Note: Work on the Definitive Edition of Fact And Fiction CD is underway and we hope it will be released before the end of this year. We have some very special plans for this release!

However in the meantime we are delighted to say that the original 8 album tracks are available to download from our SHOP page.

Posted Jun 13th 2013