The C:Live Collective – The Age Of Insanity/This City Is London bundle

Buy the CD: £10.00

Line up: Clive Mitten, Mark Spencer, Fudge Smith, Stephen Bennett and James Mann

Recorded: 2018

Disc 1

  1. The Fifth Estate - Part One (The Dictator Speaks) (11.51)
  2. The Fifth Estate - Part Two (Instrumental) (11.20)
  3. The Fifth Estate - Part Three (Instrumental) (17:15)
  4. The Fifth Estate - Part Four (Instrumental) (14:15)
  5. This City Is London (05:02)

Disc 2

  1. This City is London - Gospel Mix (05.05)
  2. This City is London - Beat Breaker Remix ft. MC Raff (05.34)
  3. This City is London - Arrangement For Strings (Instrumental) (05:43)
  4. This City is London - Progzilla Danger Monkey Remix (06:44)

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The Age of Insanity is the first release from The C:Live Collective. At its heart is Clive Mitten’s new hour-long four-part opus, The Fifth Estate, which comprises a powerful revised version of We Are Sane (Part One), and specially arranged instrumental mixes of Parts Two to Four. The album closes with an emotive new version of This City (with additional lyrics) set in London. Full details here.

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