Art & Illusion – The Definitive Edition

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Line up: Brian Devoil, Clive Mitten, Andy Revell, Rick Battersby, Andy Sears

Recorded: 1984

Our second Definitive Edition was Art and Illusion, the first album we recorded with new vocalist Andy Sears, originally released on LP in October 1984.

As with Smiling at Grief, this is a 2 x CD expanded version consisting of the original album, contemporary demos, and live material, including the first ever released version of Andy singing East of Eden.

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Digital downloads

Preview Track Title Price  
Counterpoint £0.89
Art and Illusion £0.89
C.R.A.B. £0.89
Kings and Queens £0.89
First New Day £0.89
Blue Powder Monkey £0.89
Blondon Fair £0.89
Take A Look £1.29
Counterpoint (alternate version) £0.69
C.R.A.B. (alternate version) £0.69
Kings and Queens (alternate version) £0.69
Take A Look (alternate version) £0.69
The Ceiling Speaks (live) £0.69
Kings and Queens (live) £0.69
We Are Sane (live) £1.09
Blondon Fair (live) £0.69
Creepshow (live) £1.09
Fact And Fiction (live) £0.69
First New Day (live) £0.69
Take A Look (live) £1.09
Art and Illusion (live) £0.69
East Of Eden (live) £0.69
Sequences (closing section live) £0.69
Love Song (live) £0.69