Live And Let Live – The Definitive Edition download

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Line up: Brian Devoil, Geoff Mann, Clive Mitten, Andy Revell, Rick Battersby

Recorded: 1983

Recorded over 2 nights memorable nights at the world-famous Marquee Club in London back in November 1983, this double CD set includes a number of unreleased, remixed and remastered performances, reconstructing the entire set from the best available sources. Everything has been tweaked and balanced by Karl Groom (house producer at Thin Ice studios, and all-round good guy). We are delighted to be able to present the album with every track we played both nights in the right order.

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Preview Track Title Price
The Ceiling Speaks (8:17) £0.89
Human Being (7:54) £0.89
The End of the Endless Majority (3:18) £0.89
We Are Sane (12:01) £1.29
Deep in the Heartland (4:28) £0.89
Fact And Fiction (5:26) £0.89
The Poet Sniffs a Flower (4:09) £0.89
The Collector (19:42) £1.49
Afghan Red (11:00) £1.29
Sequences (17:16) £1.49
Creepshow (12:27) £1.29
Art and Illusion (4:03) £0.89
East Of Eden (5:21) £0.89
Aspidentropy (9:51) £0.89
Love Song (8:37) £0.89