Suite Cryptique

Buy the CD: £5.00

Line up: Clive Mitten

Recorded: 2021

Disc 1

  1. Live at the Target (25.27)
  2. Live (and Let Live) (22.51)
  3. The Collector (20.13)

Disc 2

  1. Fact and Fiction (32.27)
  2. Creepshow (17.37)

We are delighted to be able to announce the release of Clive Mitten’s first solo album Suite Cryptique subtitled Recomposing Twelfth Night 1978-1983.

It is Clive’s orchestral re-imaginings of Twelfth Night music, taking themes from many of the tracks from that period and reworking them in a classical style to produce something entirely new. It is quite breathtaking!

It is being released as a double CD and is also available as a digital download here. The track listing is as follows:

Disc One:

  • Part One:           Live at the Target            [25:27]
  • Part Two:           Live (and Let Live)         [22:51]
  • Part Three:        The Collector                   [20:13]

Disc Two:

  • Part Four            Fact and Fiction             [32:27]
  • Part Five:            Creepshow                     [17:37]

As you can see, it runs to nearly two hours over the two discs. The CD will be accompanied by a booklet containing comprehensive sleeve notes written by Clive explaining the concept of the album. Some of the music will feel familiar, but new at the same time! The dynamic range, as you would expect, is quite stunning!

We anticipate high demand for this exciting album that re-interprets many of the strongest and most popular songs in the Twelfth Night catalogue. The scheduled release date is the 3rd week of March, but we recommend you order now to avoid disappointment!

Here’s what Clive himself is saying about it…..
The two-hour album comprises cinematic orchestral recompositions of all of the material contained on the band’s three seminal albums (from the period) plus a few live favourites that never made it on to an album. It is in my “post minimalist” style. That is minimalism in the context of huge orchestral forces and big melodies, which I acknowledge is an oxymoron…

The cover painting as you can probably tell is one of Geoff’s, and is one of a number of sketches he made in 1982 while we were recording the Fact & Fiction album.

Although written, arranged, recorded and produced by Clive, he would like to extend his thanks for the help received from two ‘old’ friends. Violinist extraordinaire Jane Mann acted as strings consultant, listening and advising, particularly for solo strings. And Andy Revell explained notes that were neither right nor wrong but ‘blues’, and offered plenty of thoughts and feedback.

Clive has prepared a full “Suite Cryptique Glossary for Dummies, Nerds, Obsessives and Terribly Decent People”, downloadable in Word and PDF formats.