We are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of Flashbacks. This is the live recording made in July 1983 with Geoff. Mostly recorded at the Marquee it features only the second performance of The Collector, and the first one to be recorded.

It was a hot and sweaty night that saw Geoff on top form. There are 3 bonus tracks from a gig in Wales a week later one of which is the full 20-minute version of The Collector. It was only a month later that we played the Reading Festival for the second time, and only a few months before Geoff’s farewell shows (also at the Marquee) on the 4th & 5th of November 1983.

As with the recent release of Entropy, it has been tidied up and remastered by Karl Groom at Thin Ice, and had its artwork updated by Spencer Rowbotham. Both Karl & Spencer have done brilliant work as usual.

We will only make a limited number of copies, as they are re-releases, but, as with Entropy, they will be individually hand-numbered to guarantee their rarity/authenticity!

The release date will be Friday 5th November. Flashbacks is a double CD-Rs in a jewel case priced at £8 each plus p&p. However if you prefer digital versions you can download from our website (high-quality mp3s) or Bandcamp (WAVs, etc.)

UK customers (and those from outside the EU) should order from the TN website here.
EU customers should order from Bandcamp here.

You will be charged (the import) VAT at the point of sale as Bandcamp is now an official ‘marketplace’. This should mean that your CDs are not subject to any additional customs duties (or VAT being charged again). However we know that this will not always happen as it should… but you can point out that the VAT has already been collected under the IOSS system. To encourage our EU customers to purchase merchandise through Bandcamp we are subsidising the cost of postage on our new releases, so as to share some of the extra costs.

Posted Oct 3rd 2021