New album release!

We are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of our latest album… which is actually our first one! And not only that… it also includes the very first recordings we ever made!

The story starts way back in March 1979 while we were still a 3-piece and did our first-ever recordings, which subsequently became known as the ‘legendary’ SKAN Demos. Later that year (with keyboard-player Rick now on board), we recorded a live concert and went into a recording studio for the first time. The resulting 4-track album, imaginatively entitled The First Tape Album, was released to coincide with our first proper tour in January 1980. The 3-track demo version (which didn’t include Sequences) got a great review in national music mag ‘Musicians Only’, being voted their ‘Demo of the Week!’

“The SKAN Demos” is the first time we recorded ourselves playing, when there were only three in the band: Andy (Rev), Clive and Brian. The five tracks include a version of Fur Helene I that is longer than Sequences! Some tracks have different parts as they then went through various changes: e.g. Sequences, which also features an over-dubbed guitar solo. Oh, the wonders of technology!

“The First Tape Album” comprised two tracks recorded in a local studio (Freddie Hepburn and Sequences) and two tracks from a Reading University gig in November 1979 (Fur Helene 1 and Encore). While both studio tracks are included here, for reasons of space, the live tracks are represented on this CD by their earlier ‘keyboard-free’ SKAN versions.

“So if you want to hear how it all started for Twelfth Night,” says Brian, “this is Act One: Scene One!”

The full track-listing is as follows: –


  1. Scales / Fur Helene I (14:02)
  2. Encore Une Fois (5:57)
  3. Fur Helene II (11:49)
  4. Sequences (short version) (9:51)
  5. Four And Three (5:32)

First Tape

  1. (Hats Off To) Freddie Hepburn (8:27)
  2. Sequences (17:44)

This CDR release has new, specially-designed artwork (as The First Tape Album was originally issued without any!) for which we are grateful to our friend David Read. Photos are from Mark Hughes’ extensive TN archive, and there are brand new track-by-track ‘listening notes’ written by Brian Devoil. The official release date will be 19th June, to commemorate our 1979 ‘Midsummer Rock’ gig at Reading University that featured a guest vocalist: Geoff Mann. The SKAN Demos/First Tape Album CDR is now available to pre-order. It is priced at £ 7.00 + p&p. Postage rates are as follows: – £ 1 for the UK, £ 3 for the Rest of the World. The preferred method of payment is by PayPal sent to ku.oc.ilacsit@liovednairb

Alternatively by bank transfer (details available on request) or by cheque, payable to Brian Devoil, The Brambles, 1c Doggetts Farm Road, Higher Denham, Bucks. UB9 5EH, UK

If you’re not sure about anything, e-mail ofni.thginhtflewt@nairb to confirm prices and availability.

Posted May 22nd 2013