Well, what can we say? Now that the dust has settled, we can sit back and reflect on what a marvellous evening we all enjoyed in a packed Peel last Saturday.

The setlist:

  1. Fur Helene I, After The Eclipse, East To West, Sequences
  2. The Ceiling Speaks, We Are Sane, The End Of The Endless Majority, This City-World Without End, Human Being, CRAB, The Poet Sniffs A Flower, Creepshow
  3. Fact and Fiction, Love Song
  4. East of Eden

Dean Baker (keyboards)
Brian Devoil (drums)
Clive Mitten (guitar, bass, keyboards, voice)
Andy Revell (lead guitar)
Mark Spencer (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, trouser press)

Posted Jan 18th 2012