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Fact and Fiction
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Line up: Andy Revell, Brian Devoil, Clive Mitten, Geoff Mann

Recorded: 1982

Our classic studio album, the second recorded with Geoff Mann, released on our own label on LP and Cassette in December 1982.

Considered by many to be our finest hour, ‘an unfulfilled masterpiece’ was how one reviewer summed it up. Here are the 8 tracks that made up the original album. They include We Are Sane, Creepshow, and Love Song – all of which became fixtures in the live show.

One of the ‘ALBUMS THAT SAVED PROG’ according to PROG magazine, so who are we to argue?

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Digital downloads

Preview Track Title Price  
We Are Sane (10:27) £1.29
Human Being (7:50) £0.89
This City (4:01) £0.89
World Without End (1:54) £0.89
Fact and Fiction (3:59) £0.89
The Poet Sniffs a Flower (3:51) £0.89
Creepshow (11:57) £1.29
Love Song (5:40) £0.89