MMX DVD – Special Offer!

As our special offer on the Reading Rock DVD has been so successful, we have decided to put another item on promotion as well! This time it is the MMX DVD, which is now available at the special price of just £6.00 (half its normal retail price). Read more…

Posted Dec 13th 2018

Sequences to be released on Remembrance Sunday

We are delighted to announce we have completed the recording and mixing of the new studio version of Sequences. The 23-minute piece tells the story of a young man going off to fight in the First World War and coming back a changed man. Read more…

Posted Oct 29th 2018

Twelfth Night mark 100 years since WW1 with new recording of Sequences

First ever full studio version to be released in November – 40 years after it was first written.

Twelfth Night are back in the studio, recording a new version of Sequences, their most popular track and set finale. Read more…

Posted Oct 13th 2018

Reading Rock DVD – Special Offer!

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of playing at the Reading Rock Festival, the DVD of our ‘legendary’ performance is now available for a limited period at the special price of just £6 (the normal price is £12). Read more…

Posted Aug 24th 2018

Fact And Fiction – Definitive Edition release!

We are delighted to confirm that our long-awaited ‘Fact And Fiction’ – Definitive Edition album will released on Friday 15th June.

Pre-sales have been very healthy – thank you if you have ordered already – and have encouraged us to increase the number being pressed! Read more…

Posted Jun 12th 2018

Fact and Fiction pre-orders!

We are delighted to be able to invite pre-orders for the Fact And Fiction album. It is a 3CD digipack comprising 39 tracks and extensive sleevenotes, and will be released on the F2 Music label in May. All pre-orders will be shipped the day the album arrives! Further details to follow.

Posted Apr 13th 2018


Night Moves – March 2018

I must say it doesn’t seem nearly 3 months since we last posted to tell you of our plans for 2018…

This is probably because we’ve been so busy working on all these projects that we hadn’t noticed how fast the time was going… so better late than never, here’s the promised update! Read more…

Posted Apr 3rd 2018

Bring On 2018

It’s been very quiet recently, hasn’t it?

The good news is that 2018 will be a busy year for us – it will very soon be 40 years since our first ever gig at Reading University, when we were a 2-piece band called, simply, Andy Revell. Read more…

Posted Jan 23rd 2018