Live At The Target – The Definitive Edition

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Line up: Andy Revell, Brian Devoil, Clive Mitten, Rick Battersby

Recorded: 1981

As with our previous Definitive Editions, we have taken the opportunity to completely revisit the album, adding both new artwork and a full second disc of bonus tracks!

The original album, which we recorded and released in 1981 was a real breakthrough for us … it was our first vinyl album (or LP as we used to call them…) and our first nationally available recording. We’re still very proud of it.

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Digital downloads

Preview Track Title Price  
Für Helene (6:56) £0.89
After The Eclipse (7:43) £0.89
East To West (10:55) £1.49
Sequences (20:10) £1.69
Entropy (13:11) £1.09
Keep The Aspidistra Flying (6:54) £0.69
Encore Une Fois (6:05) £0.69
Freddie Hepburn (8:39) £0.69
Afghan Single (3:49) £0.89
Für Helene I (5:11) £0.89
The Cunning Man (5:26) £0.69
Afghan Red (11:44) £1.09
Für Helene II (12:34) £1.09