The Ceiling Speaks

I am the ceiling, you are the floor above me rising into real
I am deceiving, you are the honesty I pray that I could feel
I am confusion, you are the thought that heals clarity of vision
I am delusions, you are the target struck a shot of pure precision
And how I love you

Some may say it’s all unreal, that’s not the way I feel
My heartbeat dance and play, nothing more to say…

How well you know me, how much you show me
As you lead me to my goal
Ferryman row me across deep waters to the calm side of my soul
Where we can beachcomb


Trace the feeling back to source
Adopt a different kind of course
The change of heart, another place to start
Secret steps are in your dance, the offer of a second chance
The site renewed, a clearer point of view
No longer need a careful plan, no longer be the also ran
I laid my life down and I picked it up again

Freedom! Along the way
I sing celebration I sing for the new day
Freedom! Now I know
So long as we’re together, there’s nowhere that we cannot go

I called your name, no words remained … enter!
I am delivered, I am a baby born into your sacred peace
I was a prisoner
You were the key that opened locks for my release
And Christ I love you


Nothing more to say…