Human Being

Tremulous and quivering such victims as there are
Contend with emotions under skin
Without wearing water wings
They strike against the stream
Hopelessly believing they might swim

Here they all come rushing down again
Here they all come rushing down again
Time has hardly swallowed up the evidence
How is it they say they did not know?
That history grows up like a weed
Doctrine pinned upon it
Bars across the window destroy human being
Static mind solidifies, can no longer flow
Up against its borders and unable to pay much attention to…

Human being, human being

When in doubt you turn to find a scapegoat on the wall
Gaze into the mirror begging pardon
If every time we tell a lie a little fairy dies
They must be building death-camps in the garden
Pacing back and forwards conscience in a box
Barred in from the sunlight
Getting pale and losing every sense of…

Human being, human being

The forces of oppression forge links around the earth
Ordering our faces to the floor
The wilful non-involvement by hirelings of the crimes
Is futile and inhuman as before
The sum of our best efforts shouldn’t lead us back to here
On the road to murder
Where we can no longer admit to any…

Human being, human being
Human needing, human feeling
Human living, human being
Human loving, human being
Human fragile, human being
Stand up and be counted human being