Art and Illusion

Magic man said “you know my dear
You are living inside a dream
Believing the things I do are what they seem
Life is a trick that runs too quick
For a volunteer from the crowd
Volunteers only see what’s been allowed”
The players practice to deceive
With paper flowers none perceive
Disappearing down the top hat corridors

Art and illusion

The magic show won’t let you go

Magicians rehearse their sleights of hand
They slip money-bags up their sleeves
They saw you in half and then they turn to leave
The tricks of the trade the ball games played
By the jugglers centre stage
Carefully handed down from age to age
Conclusions made conclusions leapt
Impressions lost and overstepped
Shadows hide the truth with nobody the wiser


They’re only trying to tell you lies
Trying to make you compromise
To leave reality completely up to them