Marcel Haster’s review of LALL

One of Marcel’s fantastic video reviews… This time, it’s our Live and let Live album.

Marcel says: “Twelfth Night is a legendary band and they released many memorable albums. But one album is a real classic, an album you simply must own: Live and Let Live. It was my introduction to TN and I was, and still am, impressed by the fantastic atmosphere of the show and the amazing performance by Geoff Mann. The Definitive Edition features the entire show, played by the band on those two nights in November 1983. It marked the departure of Geoff Mann from Twelfth Night, so the show is very emotional. In retrospect, it is a grand legacy Geoff Mann left us. To this day a very powerful and captivating album.”

Thank you, Marcel. Check out his excellent Live Prog website.

Posted Apr 26th 2013